Monday, September 19, 2011

Come out to Iron Hill and Support Prodgial Transitional Housing

Hello all -- Please support Prodigal Transitional Housing by coming out to Iron Hill on Wednesday, September 21st. 20% of your bill (excluding alcohol) will be donated to Prodigal with this coupon. Take the kids or make it a date night!!!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Support Prodigal while Surfing the Web

Here's an easy way to raise money for Prodigal as you go about your daily internet activities. Just start using Yahoo! powered as your search engine and they'll donate about a penny to your favorite cause every time you do a search.

In addition, you can shop at some of your favorite stores and retailers through their online shopping mall, You pay the same price that you would normally, but a percentage of your purchases will go to Prodigal as long as you have selected us by hitting "Verify."

Here's the web site — You can also read about GoodSearch in the NY Times, Oprah Magazine, CNN, ABC News and the Wall Street Journal.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Come Enjoy Some Amazing Food While Supporting A Great Cause

Hello all -- Please support Prodigal Transitional Housing by coming out to Iron Hill on Monday, May 23rd. 20% of your bill (excluding alcohol) will be donated to Prodigal with this coupon. Take the kids or make it a date night!!!!!!

The Yard Sale You've Been Dreaming About!!!!

It's time for the yard sale that you've been dreaming about. One man's trash is another man's treasure... come find yours!! Take the opportunity to clean out your garage and donate your used goods to a great cause. Then come and shop, eat lunch and have your car washed all at the same time!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

How Did Prodigal Transitional Housing Come To Be?

I know many people are wondering how Prodigal Transitional Housing came to be. What’s the back-story? Where did it come from? Well my friends, it’s time to tell the story.

About three years ago four people came together and met at an apartment in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Those four people were Michelle McGowan, Daniel Pishok, Ben Horning and Ryan Enns. Each of these individuals had two things in common. First, they loved the Lord, and second, they had a passion to serve the under-resourced in our community. But what was the reason for the meeting? Well, each of these individuals had noticed a need in West Chester and its surrounding communities. Each person had seen the homeless and those in need. Each had noticed that for the most part, thanks to local organizations, they could find a place to eat and spend the night. But each of these four people also thought that there could be more, that there was an opportunity to go even further to help these hurting people get back on their feet. It was this moment, this thought, that would be the birth of what would become Prodigal Transitional Housing.

Over the few years there were many meetings dreaming about what a program could like in West Chester, PA. There was a road trip to Buffalo, New York to visit Cornerstone Manor, a transitional program for women. The team talked with local non-profits, churches and various organizations asking for advice and help. Each person sat down and dreamed, what would the goals be? How would they make this work? What would be the vision for the program? How would an organization with these goals operate? It was an amazing sight to behold. And after months of intense conversations, tough meetings and late nights, each sat down with a sigh of relief looking what you will read next…

The Mission:
The mission of Prodigal, a Christ centered ministry, is to foster economic independence, emotional stability, and spiritual growth while showing love to those who have been forgotten.

The vision:
Empowering those who are less fortunate by equipping them with the necessary spiritual, financial, and emotional resources needed to bring restoration to their lives. We desire to see the church fully engaged in this process as a transformational agent of Christ.

Prodigal will uniquely address the short-term needs of the homeless by offering transitional housing and other various resources through partnership with organizations such as Sequoia, Providence Church, National Endowment of Financial Education, Safe Harbor and other various organizations with the Borough of West Chester by Providing:

Safe Housing
Spiritual guidance assistance
Financial mentoring and counseling
Physical and psychological evaluation
Medical care
Vocational training
Life skills training

It was from this point that a program was formed, relationships were birthed and more loose ends were tied up. And then it happened--one beautiful day in June of 2010 a letter came in the mail. Good old Uncle Sam had made it official. Prodigal Transitional Housing was now recognized as a non-profit. Later that year a board was formed and plans were made for the future. It was time to get this baby off the ground!

So where are we now? It’s May of 2011 and we are more excited than ever. We know full well that the Lord is in control and that we are working in His timing. We are all coming out of a very busy season with three members of the board having just had babies. The team is strong and the board is supportive. We have an executive director that we would like to hire and get the doors open for operation. Each person on the Prodigal team has looked across the table and said that 2011 is going to be “the year.” It’s time for Prodigal to make its move, its time to get out of the gates. So please, show your support. It’s only with the help of friends, family, strangers, organizations, officials (in other words, people like you) that Prodigal will get off the ground. So spread the word about the Blog, follow us on Facebook, stay tuned for upcoming events and again, spread the word. If you want to help plan an event or get involved please let us know. The more the merrier.

So that’s Prodigal Transitional Housing in a nutshell. Just imagine what we are going to be writing 12 months from now…